Immersive Music

we are producing a new generation of music platforms and content, because after all, 


is not two-dimensional.    we live and interact in real space with real people and real things.    those things make up our world.    music is not a thing.    music tells the story, inspired by things old, by things new and by forces beyond ourselves.

we build music products that move at the pace of life, not at the speed of your hard drive or at the refresh-rate of your retina display.    in order to do that we developed


which moves like you do.    it thinks in layers and moves from one idea to the next, not according to anything we could possibly predetermine in the studio, but like music: at the right time, and at the right place. no two projects are the same.    that's why we rely on talented


our people work with your people.    we are producers, film directors, recording engineers, cameramen, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, digital animators (all of us musicians of some stripe)—and we work together to produce precisely the most

Immersive Music Project

you can imagine.

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