music*(microphones + acoustics) = our_passion

below you will find a summary of our technical abilities


High-Capacity Location Recording

the studio comes to you, music

  • Hung microphone rigging systems for concert halls, theaters, churches, and auditoriums, allowing for discrete recording of visually sensitive performances.
  • Portable tracking acoustics and isolation
  • DSD and DXD Recording:
    • Up to 64 Channels
  • PCM Recording: 
    • Up to 128 Channels 192k/24bit
    • Up to 256 Channels 96k/24bit
  • Headphone/cue system for monitoring and overdubs


Recording for Discerning Musicians and Critical Audiophiles

acoustic music is performed in acoustic spaces, and we believe that the truest, purest and most powerful music reproduction is made by using a thoroughly vetted acoustic venue and carefully chosen and placed microphones, and a well considered signal path.

for all recordings, but especially in these, we use:

  • the best condenser and tube microphones from Schoeps, DPA, Sennheiser, Neumann and Sanken
  • careful monitoring through B&W loudspeakers and Sennheiser or Sony headphones
  • microphone preamps and converters to suite the purpose, whether by Millenia, API, Merging Technologies, Hardy, Grace, AEA, Lindell or Neve.

Venue Scouting and Tuning

the only way to make a high quality recording in a remote acoustic location is to know it in advance and study it.    we scout venues weeks or months ahead to evaluate the acoustic signature, ambient noise levels and general vibe.   the requirements for acoustic location recording, especially the sheer quietness, are unusual requirements for a venue, and are foreign to most facilities managers, and we take very seriously the job of priming our record location with the ideal recording chemistry.

The Recording team