NOW Ensemble's Dreamfall

Another labor of love is served. NOW Ensemble when I first met them was a group that knew how to produce a blend of rhythm and melody. Their groove is so deep, there is no escaping, and the melodies so transcendent it will transform you. And together, they have opened my eyes to how good the pocket can feel when the undeniable melody takes hold of you.

And now for something altogether evolved: Dreamfall. This comes in a world that, by the measure of those of us who grew up in the blissful 90s, is crumbling around us. Their music is intentionally non-programmatic, but has tapped into some of our deepest desires of this decade through the sound: the need for human touch, the importance of personal interaction, and the appreciation of beauty in the world around us.

The album is out. Please enjoy.

- Jesse

Recorded, mixed and mastered at 192kHz. Stereo.