33 Divas in Bratislava

One time, in an airport abroad, I received a call from a blocked number; I never answer those... but I did, and it was Melanie Henley Hyne - calling out of the blue to ask me to work together with her on 33 Divas.

"Bratislava." She said. "I'm making a recording in Bratislava." "Sure!" I said...

But what was it that I had gotten myself into? The Iron Curtain. The dark, towering Communist Stalin... Also, underpaid musicians, cheep recordings, and lots of fake reverb. That was my to-date impression of Eastern Europe.

And how incredibly naïve of me - The power of the place was awesome. Melanie was the most gracious host to these beautiful musicians. We just finished an incredible recording with one of the the most enthusiastic, warm, sophisticated orchestras I have ever recorded.

Thanks all!


BakeryJesse Lewis